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Why our Metal Division is full of innovative power.

The Metal Division is one of the four business divisions of Grillo-Werke AG. Through our own research department and in cooperation with renowned research institutes, we develop innovative products made of zinc – in this we are a global specialist.

Why zinc? Zinc is a high-performance material used in electrical engineering, the construction industry, architecture, automobile production, mechanical engineering, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and in corrosion protection. Zinc is sustainable, durable, resource-efficient, environmentally friendly and almost 100% recyclable without loss of quality.

These advantages also live on in our zinc products. Our environmentally friendly ZEP® (Zinc Extrusion Products) semi-finished products and our customised and high-performance zinc powder exemplify the innovative power of our products. But that’s not all: our product range in the Metal Division is diverse and our energy for new developments inexhaustible. So we find solutions and innovations for many different industries and numerous applications – from air-conditioning technology to the electrical industry and to the toy industry.

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Your global partner for zinc-based products

As the world market leader and specialist for zinc, we develop important innovations for the future in our Metal Division unit, such as our environmentally friendly ZEP® wrought semi-finished products – the product developments in our Metal Division unit are wide-ranging. We operate worldwide and are therefore always there for you as a reliable partner in your vicinity.

Zinc powder

Individual formulations for many areas of application

We develop individual zinc powder according to your requirements. From battery powder to use as a reducing agent – our zinc powder offers countless application possibilities. Discover the possibilities and advantages of our zinc powder.

Grillo ZEP® – Zinc Extrusion Products

Innovative wrought alloy as an environmentally friendly alternative

Our lead-free and recyclable ZEP® (Zinc Extrusion Products) semi-finished products for zinc are the environmentally friendly alternative to conventional alloys. ZEP® serves as a customised starting product for a wide range of industries and can be processed in many different ways. Find out why ZEP® is revolutionising the field of alloys.


Tradition meets future: Innovation is in our genes

Our passion for innovations that make the future better is deeply rooted in our corporate tradition. With this drive and the people behind it, we achieve our successes. Find out why we are the innovation and quality leader in the market.

Grillo Metall: Why our Metal Division is so diverse

Through our intensive research and development work, we develop innovative and sophisticated zinc products for a wide range of applications and industries. This makes us the market leader and specialist for the metal zinc. We rely on close cooperation and partnership – both with our customers and with renowned research institutes and associations. Through the interaction of our research and many years of expertise, we develop a wide variety of zinc-based products using the most modern production technologies. Whether environmentally friendly wrought semi-finished products, zinc wires for optimal corrosion protection or versatile zinc strip – with our individually manufactured products we will find the right solution for you.
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Whether as sacrificial anodes for ships and offshore structures or as fine zinc anodes for the galvanic refinement of high-quality steel materials – our anodes always offer the perfect solution for corrosion protection.


For customer-specific applications, we offer our zinc strips in a wide range of alloy variants and dimensions. This means that our zinc strip has a wide range of applications.


Our zinc wire offers the best properties for corrosion protection by applying layers through thermal spraying. Different zinc alloys are used depending on the requirements.


We develop our zinc powder from selected, high-purity zinc qualities individually according to your requirements. Especially in the case of battery powders, it is characterised by very good electrical properties and low gassing.


Due to their excellent casting properties, our ZAMAK® fine zinc alloys enable the production of very complex die-castings with a wide range of surface design options.


Our Zinc Extrusion Products (ZEP®) are lead-free and sustainable zinc-based semi-finished wrought products. ZEP® semi-finished products are manufactured using state-of-the-art casting and extrusion processes.


Our globally patented corrosion protection system KKS-Beton offers long-term and sustainable protection for reinforced concrete structures. You can use it to protect car parks or bridges that are exposed to high levels of chloride.

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