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Zinc powder


Perspectives of nanomaterials in energy technology

Dr-Ing. Armin Melzer explained at the NRW Nano Conference what great perspectives zinc powder has for the battery sector, among others. In his presentation, he described in detail the various possible applications for zinc. Experience the diverse technological possibilities with zinc for an optimised future in this nano conference presentation.

ZEP®– Zinc Extrusion Products

Technical presentation

All facts and figures about Grillo ZEP®

From mechanical properties to measured values from production processes to cost comparisons with other alloys – in our technical presentation you will find all the details about our ZEP® wrought semi-finished products. Discover Grillo ZEP® with all its facets.

Grillo ZEP®: Everything at a glance

Find out why our ZEP® semi-finished wrought products have an excellent environmental balance, save you money and are so versatile at the same time in our clear flyer “Grillo ZEP®”. Discover the advantages of our environmentally friendly wrought alloy.

Further product areas

Experience our Metal Division in detail

As a specialist and world market leader, we develop innovations around the metal zinc with intensive research work for the most diverse areas of application – Think Zinc is our motto. We operate worldwide and are therefore always close to you. Find out everything about our Metal Division in our brochure.

Zinc wire in a wide range of variations

Our diverse production facilities are unique and allow us to offer an extensive product range of zinc and zinc alloy wires used in arc and flame spray processes. This uniqueness makes us the world market leader in zinc wires. Discover our different zinc wires for a wide range of applications in our brochure.

Our corrosion protection system KKS-Beton in detail

With our corrosion protection system KKS-Beton, you can counteract damage processes on steel structures and protect your steel structures in the long term. Discover the countless advantages of our KKS-Beton corrosion protection system in our comprehensive brochure.

Grillo Zinc Powder

Grillo ZEP® – Zinc Extrusion Products


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