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Progress by innovation

Why the innovative zinc-based wrought alloy is revolutionising the alloy market

Environmental and climate protection are the great challenges of our time, for which new solutions are needed. That is why we at Grillo are also intensively researching and working on more environmentally friendly products and processes in the field of wrought alloys. And with success! In cooperation with renowned research institutes, we have developed ZEP® (Zinc Extrusion Products), a lead-free zinc-based wrought alloy that is also 100% recyclable. Grillo has thus succeeded in creating an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional alloys, such as brass or copper semi-finished products.

Grillo ZEP® – Zinc Extrusion Products: The new generation of wrought alloys

Grillo ZEP® are lead-free wrought semi-finished products based on zinc, which open up completely new possibilities for zinc alloys. The semi-finished wrought products serve as individual starting products for further processing in various industrial sectors. Copper, aluminium and magnesium are specifically added to the zinc. Different combination possibilities in the production of the semi-finished products result in a variety of mechanical properties that can be used for many areas of application. And all of this is completely lead-free and recyclable.

The benefits of Grillo ZEP®

Weight reduction of around 30%
By processing Grillo ZEP® you achieve a weight reduction of your end products of around 30%. The low density of the ZEP® products of 5.7 g/cm3 makes this possible.
Wide range of applications
The extraordinary combination possibilities in the production of ZEP® wrought zinc semi-finished products allow a very wide range of applications. Together with you, we adapt our products to your requirements.
Tight skill tolerances
Thanks to an excellently coordinated drawing process, we can guarantee very tight tolerances for our ZEP® products.
High material quality
The quality of your end products is ensured by the new technologies used in the production of the starting material. Our homogeneous starting material allows the pressing of profiles of the highest quality. Tight tolerances, straightness and optimal surfaces are the results of processing ZEP® semi-finished products.
Low weight

The low weight of our ZEP® bars results in significant cost savings compared to other materials.

Low raw material costs

Another reason for the enormous cost savings with ZEP® semi-finished products is the low raw material costs for zinc compared to other materials.

Low energy consumption

Energy use in the processing of our ZEP® bars is also reduced due to the comparatively low processing temperatures.

Grillo ZEP® is free of lead. This makes it environmentally friendly and complies with all current standards. This makes it possible to use the material, for example, even if the exemptions in RoHS and ELV no longer apply.
100% recyclable
ZEP® semi-finished products are fully recyclable. We take your processing residues back into our production cycle. The products can be used indefinitely, with the same high-quality material properties.
Reduction of the carbon footprint

The basic material for the production of ZEP® is fine zinc, which is alloyed with aluminium and small amounts of copper. The production of the semi-finished products is therefore very environmentally friendly. This significantly reduces the CO2 footprint of your products by using ZEP®.

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Technical presentation

From facts and figures to application examples

Get deep insights into technical details that show why ZEP® is more environmentally friendly and economical than other alloys. Discover the details of ZEP® in our technical presentation.

Technical presentation

Improved material properties with ZEP®

ZEP® offers many advantages over other alloys with its material properties, such as high elongation. In our technical presentation on ZEP® you will learn about all the advantages in detail with the help of clear graphics and tables.

Technical presentation

Save energy with ZEP®

The processing of ZEP® semi-finished products saves more than half the energy during forging compared to other materials. Discover more benefits of Grillo ZEP® in our technical presentation.

One technology, many applications

Grillo wrought zinc semi-finished products are used for further processing as individual starting products in the most diverse branches of industry. The excellent processability of the material, diverse alloy developments as well as different shape variants of our ZEP® products make it possible to use ZEP® in the manufacture of products in diverse areas of application.

Automotive and supplier industry

Electric mobility

Industrial equipment, pneumatics, hydraulics

Automation, handling

Fastening technology

Safety and fitting technology


Installation technology

Processing options

ZEP’s® multiple transformation processes

Grillo ZEP® is the high-performance wrought alloy among the environmentally friendly alloys, because it offers as many processing possibilities as standard materials. Therefore, ZEP® can be used for many different technologies and market segments.

ZEP® semi-finished products can be used for…


The processing of Grillo ZEP® into turned and milled parts of all kinds is possible with your standard machines without any problems. You achieve high process speeds and long tool life.

Hot forming

Grillo ZEP® can be forged excellently with your machines. Due to the low processing temperatures, you need significantly less energy.

Cold forming

With the use of Grillo ZEP® you achieve tight dimensional tolerances and very good surface properties.


Galvanic coatings of products made of Grillo ZEP® are possible without limits on the basis of a copper layer. Together with your coating partners, we develop individual solutions for your requirements.

FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions about Grillo ZEP®

Why should I change a process that works?
The requirements for materials with lead will become stricter in the future. Therefore, now is the optimal time to switch to a lead-free material. Grillo ZEP® offers many advantages over other materials. ZEP® is a very environmentally friendly material because it is lead-free and 100% recyclable.
Why should I change to a zinc product when zinc tends to corrode?

The ZEP® surface can be treated in the same way as other materials to prevent the zinc from corroding. Grillo will be happy to supply the appropriate technology for this on request.

Zinc is a heavy metal. Why should I use it?

Zinc is an important element for all living things, it is vital for humans, animals and plants. The term heavy metal is always misleadingly equated with toxic. But there are many heavy metals that are not toxic – like zinc.

What are the implications for me that there is currently only one supplier?

None. Grillo-ZEP® is a highly innovative product that is brand new to the market. As a global company, Grillo can deliver reliably and worldwide. In addition, the supply network is constantly being expanded.

What are the benefits of switching to ZEP®?

To be a technology leader, new materials should be processed. The benefits offered by the environmentally friendly and inexpensive ZEP® are passed on to the company’s own customers and ultimately remain with the end customer. Customers are thus helped to become sustainable – which in turn strengthens customer loyalty.

What happens to the residues?

Grillo does not leave its customers alone with the residual materials, but offers solutions: The residual materials are taken back worldwide. Zinc materials are recycled much more than you might think. Grillo also works intensively with the IZA (International Zinc Association) to optimise the recycling of zinc.

ZEP® Innovation Team

From intensive research to an environmentally friendly high-tech product

Grillo application engineer Dr Didier Rollez explains what makes ZEP® special

The special feature of ZEP® is that it is lead-free and has low processing temperatures. Because of this, the alloy has an excellent environmental and CO2 balance compared to old-established materials.
Dr Didier Rollez

How did the idea to develop ZEP® come about?

Dr Rollez: A large Italian fashion house asked us if there was an environmentally friendly alternative to classic brass. Since we at Grillo deal a lot with developing environmentally friendly products, we took this impetus to research a sustainable alternative to conventional alloys.

How was ZEP® developed? What were the development steps?

Dr Rollez: Together with scientific partners from the University of Brescia, we checked and researched whether it is at all feasible to develop an environmentally friendly alternative to brass alloys. To do this, we combined different alloying elements: We added aluminium, magnesium and copper to the base metal zinc. The ratio of these elements is very crucial so that the environmentally friendly alloy has similar properties to the brass alloy without having any disadvantages. After successfully testing the feasibility and developing the right ratio, we developed the guidelines and specifications for processing ZEP®. Again, we have done detailed research so as to provide an accurate guideline for the user.

Why is ZEP® High Tech? What makes Grillo stand out?

Dr Rollez: At Grillo, the focus is on the interaction between application technology and research for invention and process development. The procedure and process for manufacturing the ZEP® rods was developed entirely at Grillo and is unique. Our extensive basic and materials research means we can provide a wealth of processing information on our ZEP®.

What is so special about ZEP®?

Dr Rollez:The special thing about ZEP® is that it is lead-free at low processing temperatures. This is because the alloy has an excellent environmental and CO2 balance compared to well-known materials. In addition, ZEP® can be processed in many different ways due to its high transformability. Another special feature of ZEP® is its specific weight, which is significantly lower than that of other materials. On the one hand, this brings better economy and, on the other hand, also advantages in transport and logistics. The price is another plus point, because the raw materials used are cheaper than copper.

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