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Why Grillo is one of the most versatile partners in the field of zinc powder

Zinc powder is a product with a wide range of applications. Whether as an anode in batteries or as a reducing agent in the chemical industry – the positive properties of zinc powder are in demand in many areas of life and work. But not all zinc powders are the same. Because every application requires its own individual properties. And the better these properties fit the application, the better the result. As an innovation driver with our own research department and close links to international research, we are ideally placed to develop the optimum zinc powder for every application. As one of the world’s leading zinc powder manufacturers, we are used to developing the perfect zinc powder for you from your requirements and producing it for you. As your partner, it is our concern to accompany you closely along the entire process and to release you of a maximum of work. Find out why it is worthwhile for you to put your trust in Grillo.

Are you looking for high-quality zinc powder for numerous applications?

As the specialist for zinc powder, we focus on quality and versatility in our development. Through intensive research, we give zinc powder exactly the properties it needs for the respective area of application. Learn more about the diverse areas of application of our zinc powder here.

Individual requirements, individual zinc powder

There are different requirements for zinc powder for each area of application. We develop individual zinc powder types based on specific customer requirements. Thus, our zinc powder is available in different types – according to your wishes. Discover an overview of some of our zinc powder types by way of example.

Grillo zinc powder type   40-8   25-4   10-0   6-0 *
ø d50 [μm]   160   145   65   35
AD [g/cc]   2.0 - 4.0   2.0 - 4.0   2.0 - 4.0   2.0 - 4.0

* also available as alloy powder with 12% aluminium

The benefits of Grillo zinc powder

Selected special high grade zinc (SSHG)
Zinc purity more than 99.995%
Particle sizes from 20 μm to 600 μm
Tailor-made morphological properties (such as particle distribution, grain shape or size)
Individually adapted chemical properties
Low tendency for gassing
Very good electrical properties
High performance and power
Special high grade zinc (SHG)
Zinc purity more than 99.995%
Particle sizes from 20 μm to 600 μm
Tailor-made morphological properties (such as particle distribution, grain shape or size)
Individually adapted chemical properties

As individual as your needs

Develop your individual zinc powder with us according to your requirements.

From specific requirements to the qualitative end product

As your partner, we provide you with an individual, complete package tailored to your wishes. From the joint specification of requirements through development to the finished product and delivery – your work is reduced by our very close support. Our own high standards and quality assurance result in high-quality zinc powder in the end.

Your benefits with Grillo

  • High expertise with own research and development department
  • Customer-specific advice and individual product development along customer requirements
  • Excellent product and process quality
  • High-quality advice and support
  • Numerous services, including our own battery laboratory

Zinc Powder Team

Why your work is made easier with Grillo zinc powder

Lisa Schaefer from Zinc Powder Sales explains the Grillo all-round service

We don’t just sell a product, we sell the complete service. We are problem solvers.
Lisa Schaefer

What are the components of the complete package?

Schaefer: In our complete zinc powder package, we offer an entire team of experts with comprehensive know-how and many years of experience, from purchasing to production and packing to quality management and sales. Since we are problem solvers, we do not simply sell a product, but the complete service. This starts with development, continues with customised production, the desired type of packaging and delivery and ends with the delivery of the product. Thus, our service includes the complete processing.

Why is Grillo particularly well positioned in the field of logistics?

Schaefer: We have been working with permanent logistics partners for years. Our customers always have a fixed contact person. Through our various partners, we offer high flexibility and security in logistics. This enables us to deliver reliably worldwide.

What are the benefits for your customers?

Schaefer: This all-round service saves the customer an enormous amount of time and provides security. He can rely on us completely. Basically, he only has to place his order and we take care of the rest. We also give suggestions for improvement and innovation to get the best out of our zinc powder for the customer.

Grillo zinc powder: A product with many talents

Our zinc powder is an all-rounder: it offers every possible application. Many areas of industry benefit from its versatility. As an anode in zinc-based batteries (also rechargeables), as a reducing agent or as a coating material – our zinc powder has many talents.

Battery applications

Our zinc powder plays an important role in battery applications. Here it is used as anode material for primary and secondary batteries.

Chemical industry

In the chemical industry, Grillo zinc powder is used as a classic reducing agent. However, zinc powder is also a reaction mediator or activator in chemical reactions, for example in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Automotive industry

Our zinc powder is also used in automotive manufacturing. For example, here it is applied as an additive in brake pads.

Construction industry

Grillo zinc powder is used in the construction industry for a wide range of applications. For example, it is used for paints, flakes, adhesives or pastes.

Additive manufacturing

Grillo zinc powder can be used for additive manufacturing. In this process, the fine powder is used for 3D printing, for example.

Precious metal recycling

Precious metal recycling also benefits from our zinc powder. It serves as a reducing agent.

Sherardising & Electroplating

Grillo zinc powder is also used for sherardising and electroplating. Here it protects small steel parts such as screws and nuts from corrosion.


Agriculture also makes indirect and direct use of our zinc powder, e.g. in the synthesis of fungicides and as a food supplement for livestock.

Sputtering targets

Grillo zinc powder is also used in the field of sputtering targets. For example, it is used for coating high-quality glass panes (UV filters).

Thermal Spraying & Cold Gas Spraying

Our zinc powder can also be used in coating processes such as thermal spraying or cold gas spraying, for example in the corrosion protection of steel structures.

FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions about Grillo zinc powder

What distinguishes our zinc powders?

Our zinc powders are only produced from selected, high-purity zinc qualities. We produce exclusively at our site in Goslar, Lower Saxony. In addition, our zinc powders are subject to strict and close-meshed quality control and inspection during and after the manufacturing process, so that only the highest qualities leave our premises.

How are our zinc powders made?

Our zinc powders are produced by Air-Atomization or by Spinning-Disk.

Are our zinc powders also suitable for soldering processes?

Our zinc powders are used as zinc-aluminium alloy powders for soldering aluminium components.

What is the shelf life of our powders?

We guarantee the properties of our zinc powders for a period of 6 months from the date of delivery if stored appropriately.

How should our zinc powders be stored?

Our zinc powders should be stored in closed original containers. Furthermore, the storage place should be clean and dry and the storage should take place at ambient temperature. Strong temperature fluctuations should be avoided.

What future markets do we see for our zinc powders?

In particular, the increasing use of renewable energies that are not continuously available requires environmentally friendly and sustainable storage of electrical energy. We see zinc-based energy storage as one of the approaches to a solution. For us, protection against corrosion with zinc powder also means a step towards a sustainable future. Here, the useful life of steel-based components is significantly increased.

Our research for an optimised future

Innovations are our focus

With a research and development department just for zinc powder, we are researching important inventions and further developments for the future. Together with our scientific partners, we are doing everything we can to optimise various areas of life. We are involved in several research projects that are also funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), among others.

    Zinc Powder Research

Intensive research for your ideally matched zinc powder

Interview: Dr Armin Melzer (General Manager Metal Division), Petra Gehrke (Head of R&D Zinc Powder) and Oliver Suchard (Head of Laboratory / QA / Application Technology Zinc Powder)

Our high level of research enables our customers to find the optimal solution for their products. Dr Armin Melzer

How are customised zinc powders developed at Grillo?

Gehrke: Development takes place in the form of projects, whereby each project is defined in terms of the type, duration and scope of the development work. In close cooperation with our customers, the technical requirements are discussed and defined. Subsequently, the corresponding zinc powders are produced via production trials.

What should be considered when developing zinc powders for different applications?

Suchard: Knowledge of the different areas of application is a basic prerequisite for customer-oriented advice as well as the development of the desired properties of the zinc powder. When developing zinc powder for batteries, detailed knowledge of the different battery types and battery systems is also crucial.

What are the developmental steps?

Gehrke & Suchard: The general project process is divided into planning, product or process development and analysis of the zinc powders and their evaluation. Together with our customers, specifications are developed and the properties expected of the zinc powder are defined. We then carry out production trials, analyse the zinc powder chemically and physically in our laboratory and, if necessary, also test it in our own Grillo battery construction. The results obtained are evaluated internally and with the customer. Samples are then taken in consultation with the customer. After the sampling phase, the results obtained by the customer are discussed and further adjustments are made if necessary.

Why is R&D so important for the zinc powder business?

Gehrke: Without expertise in zinc-based battery systems and other applications for zinc powder, no new, innovative zinc powder can be developed and successfully launched on the market.

What are the benefits for the customer of this high level of research?

Dr Melzer: Thanks to the high level of research, Grillo enables its customers to find the optimum solution for its products and, in addition, to reduce their own development effort.

Grillo has a state-of-the-art production site in Goslar. What makes it stand out?

Dr Melzer: Our technical competence for the development and production of our zinc powder is bundled at our site in Goslar. There we have a modernly equipped chemistry laboratory, a battery test system, a gassing laboratory and the laboratory equipment necessary for the characterisation of zinc powder. Our zinc powders are produced exclusively in Goslar. Due to its central location and excellent infrastructure, the Goslar site enables us to ship our zinc powder worldwide.

To what extent do you use your own research department for funded research projects?

Gehrke: For us, the development of zinc accumulators is an important, strategic future market for the zinc battery industry and thus also for ourselves. New applications such as 3D printing, precious metal recycling, coatings are also important for our future. Therefore, we work very closely with national and international universities and research institutions. This also includes funded research projects together with industry and university partners.

How zinc and water can charge smartphones

Nowadays, smartphones are constant companions. When the battery is flat on the road, many people are at a loss. The solution is a mobile charging option for on the go. This is exactly the topic we have dedicated ourselves to. In this project, we and our scientific partners aimed to develop a demand-oriented, location-independent generation of hydrogen (H2) for a fuel cell. Zinc was the game changer: hydrogen is produced through the chemical reaction of zinc and water. The low procurement costs of zinc are only one advantage.

With the help of zinc electric vehicules will drive more routes in the future

It is not yet possible to drive long distances in an electric vehicle without taking a charging break in between. The energy density of current lithium-ion batteries is not sufficient for this. Zinc-air batteries, on the other hand, have five times the energy density and could be the solution. Our goal with our research was to develop a scalable zinc-air battery that can be charged both mechanically and electrically. The special properties of zinc are excellent for this. In the future, electric vehicles can then be mechanically charged with so-called zinc slurries.

How zinc contributes to an optimal energy storage technology

For stationary applications, zinc-air energy storage systems are very advantageous. Whether low costs for active materials, the high availability of zinc or the good environmental compatibility of the materials – zinc-air energy storages could grow into an optimal storage technology. We have investigated different aspects of zinc-air technology in a joint project with other research teams. Our goal was to develop a cell design that is competitive and scalable up to the megawatt range.

Why batteries will soon be coming out of the printer

In order to be able to store regenerative energies in households or even entire apartment blocks, for example, lead-acid batteries have mainly been used up to now. The disadvantage: the batteries are not only expensive, but also un­flexible in handling and at the same time not scalable. The solution would be an inexpensive and rechargeable zinc-air battery. In order to realise this innovative power storage system, we researched with other research teams in a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) on a low-cost printing technology. New materials for zinc and oxygen electrodes were investigated for this printing process.

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